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Writing by candlelight #rainynights

could I ask to throw out endings?

my heart is locked in the last words you said.

come back, I’d still be awake

dear friend, I need more than that

Another day, another hurt. Another song.

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to the Carillon this afternoon. And a special thanks to the ever talented Phil Bender-Stone and Lorrie Caplan!

Join me tomorrow at the Carillon for an afternoon you won’t forget. 4 PM. FREE SHOW!

Glam shot for no reason


Taylor shares her thoughts on the future of music in an essay for The Wall Street Journal’s 125th Anniversary! #WSJ125 Read her amazing essay here: 

~Taylor Nation

An amazing read!

Happy 4th of July! #todaysuniform

Music is what feelings sound like
Tom Odell (via onezia)

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20! Birthday hike at Chautauqua

Ever the artiste… #gertrude

From Thursday night’s Rock & Rails show. Before the power went out and we played unplugged on the dance floor in the wind and rain. Such an awesome experience!

Finished out set at Rock & Rails! Boy was that crazy. We went unplugged when the power went off. Thanks to everyone for sticking around with us!

Don’t forget! Nalani and I are playing Rock n Rails at 5:30 tonight. Niwot’s Whistlestop Park. See you there!