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Happy Easter!

Some of my favorites from tonight - Innisfree Poetry Bookstore and Cafe. Thanks to everyone who came out!

Set list from this evening. #thanks

Today’s the day! The sun is shining, the tank is clean… and I’m playing Innisfree tonight at 7! Be there?


designing Noble Rossignol Publishing logos (obviously the 1st one’s got too much going on, just thought I’d share):

which of the other 3 do you prefer?

My Innisfree show is in only a week! So I’ve been busy prepping and postering. Hope to see you there. RSVP here:

Nice relaxing day out reading. #sunny #springtime #mostlyharmless #nochoir

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Britt Hopkins,
Intro to Music Tech

My latest Intro to Music Tech project (dealing with something called Music Concrete: sounds to create music). The first 12 seconds are the audio samples I used/manipulated to get the final result. This is the story of a space war:

A star fleet spacecraft is malfunctioning and has to crash land on the nearest planet. There, the crew encounters a hostile race who crawl into the ship in order to steal it. The star fleet crew must fight them in order to maintain their ship, but are overrun. In this battle, the ship is also destroyed, and so when the hostile race tries to fly away with it, it crashes, leaving them all dead as well. (I know, a bit morbid…)

From my meeting with Larry Beaird…

Nashville with Lorrie!

Crashing after a fantastic day in Nashville! #lyftisawesome #bluebird #opryland

à Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

Final leg to Nashville! #dfwbna #country #springbreak #fittingfilter